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There have been quite a few questions concerning the socalled gun show loop hole in the assault weapons ban in Washington and how tocorrect it. The answer is very simple in which to stop it. Some states have a clause for their gun shows that no privet person, who isn’t connected with a gundealer who is a FFL licensed dealer and requires a national database weapons check, can’t sell their guns at the gun shows. This action would stop the gun show loop hole. If you aren’t connected with a dealer you can’t sell a gun atany gun show.

And regarding the Senators in the House that don’t want to sign the Assault Weapons Ban because they are up for reelection in 2014. You hear everyone saying that they should vote for the ban regardless of their constituent’s desires. That is the very fact of why they shouldn’t vote for the ban, they were voted into the senate, to give a voice for the people who sent them there andwho they are to represent.

Those for the universal back ground checks, how can they request additional checks when as vice president Biden said “We don’t have timeto do the back ground checks now”. So you ask if there are so overwhelmed now,what will happen when they require additional actions?

If the people who have been found fraudulent that have submitted a federal back ground check to obtain a gun aren’t prosecuted, thenwhere’s the deterrent? There has to be more prosecutions regarding this fact. Of the 14,500 checks that have come backas fraudulent because of a prior restriction to buy a gun and only 44 of thembeing brought up on charges because if it, the federal gun check will have no deterrent.If there aren’t any major repercussions concerning this, then there will neverbe a negative thought of these people who try to obtain a gun from trying to obtain a gun if there are no possible federal charges being brought up towardsthem.

I agree that everyone who has been deemed mentally incompetent to own a gun shouldn’t be able to purchase a gun, but there is akink in the system, not every state submits their data base of these peopleinto the federal data base, so thousands of these people are slipping throughthe cracks. This is something that needs to be corrected and made mandatory forevery state.
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