Threat seen threat taken out

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    My thought on it?
    That is the way it should have happened ! IDIOT raises a gun to kill or injure person or people, some one is around with a weapon that knows when and how to shoot, removes the IDIOT from the scene!!

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    Yea...but good luck with that !!

    Teachers are the most liberal people on the planet...and when they are not huggin' trees and recycling,

    they are shoving their agenda down the throats of our youth. And, God forbid, one would actually carry a firearm for self

    protection...that's what the elected bloated government is for.

    I say...put out a contract for private security firms to bid on...then secure their services to protect our schools. I pay alot of $$ in school

    taxes every year and my kid just graduated college, so that $$ doesn't support her...and there are millions of dollars taxed from citizens the same way.

    Use that $$ to beef up security and make the gun free zones into gun protected zones. (And that would also create jobs and stimulate the economy.)

    Just my 2 cents...carry on !
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    I had this same conversation with two of my Teacher friends, one Female, one Male. The Male told me he kept a gun in his vehicle and so did the Principal and I'm not telling where he teaches! The Female said she would be for training those Teacers that wanted it and having a weapon/weapons available in the Office for Principals/Admin, Teachers in emergency situations. Now I live in Texas but I bet there are other Teachers out there that would get trained and or certified to be able to handle certain situation.