Three Reasons For Not Texting

Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by threetango, Aug 7, 2014.

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    I live on texts, much easier and keeps the phone off my ear, by sending a quick text :D

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    I never had a cellphone till this past Father's Day my daughter bought one for me as my Grand Daughter who is only 5 told her that Poppy needed one just for emergency's. She has been taught about 911 and shown how to dial it should there be an emergency. To make a long story short I can answer and make calls but that's the extent of my cellphone use. I have no idea how to go about texting as I tried it once on my wife's phone and with my big fingers I kept hitting 2-3 numbers/letters at a time. So I do and will carry and use it just for why my daughter bought it for me and that is for emergency's only and so my family can check on me when I'm hunting to make sure I'm OK as most times I am out of the woods no more than 10 minutes after dark. So between my being a staying on schedule ( some military habits just won't go away ) on coming out of the woods and the time it takes me to drive home they will allow another few minutes and if I'm not home they will call to make sure I'm OK. So I'm with 3T and never have and never will text
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    Good article.

    I never text!!!!! Repeat...NEVER!!!!!:metal2: