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Tied the knot.

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Me and the fiance' (now wife) were scheduled to be married this coming Saturday by the pond but the weather forecast says there's a chance of thunderstorms so we were trying to come up with a different plan. After a day of discussion and replanning her nerves were getting pretty shot. Anyway,I was sitting out in the swing yesterday evening and she comes out and says this is a beautiful day,want to do it today? So I said why not. We called the preacher,she came over,and tada,we're now married. :spot: We're still having the reception Saturday as planned but now we're more relaxed
. Sure glad it's over
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Where is the honeymoon going to be?
Not having 1,can't afford it and really don't have any interest in it anyway.
Here's some pics and video links,more to come later.

Anna my new wife.

Both of us.

Her daughter Laura.

Her granddaughter Abriana.


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Now Squirrel, you must know that real men don't use that Communist run site FB (full of BS)
Guess I'm not a real man :(...... don't tell the Mrs. though ;) :D
She can hold her own alright.
My son Mathew with his wife Erin,his boy Keegan and their girl Aria. As you can see,she's expecting again.

My son Tyler and his wife Shonda.

Shonda,Tyler,Me,Mathew in the back and Anna's grandson Brandon and Mathew's son Keegan in the front.

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