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    Firing On Fellow Citizens: “He never imagined he would everhurt anyone, yet he did”

    By: Frank Drover

    In a recent article entitled Son, Will You Fire On AmericanCitizens, author Herschel Smith relays his thoughts on morality and commitmentto liberty. He calls upon our leaders, specifically President Obama, to askhimself some hard questions about how far he would go to maintain “order”should the United States every come to a point where life as we know it todaybreaks down.

    It’s an article worth reading, as are the communitycomments, where readers from around the country weigh in on the question ofdomestic military deployment and the reality that one day our service membersmay be called upon by their superiors to fire on American citizens who havebeen deemed criminals or terrorists by our government.

    One reader named Joe shared a story of his grandfather, aformer police officer and soldier in Hitler’s Germany, who initially believedhe was doing the right thing, until one night when his own actions led him torealize the extent of his Fuhrer’s lies:

    In the 70′s I asked my grandfather about 3 bullet scars hehad on his chest. He told me they were from the war and wouldn’t say more. Iknew he was from Germany but little else. He never talked much about his past.Some years later I joined the Marines. He was horrified but wouldn’t say more.

    In the 90’s he opened up and told me he was a police officeralong with most of his family before the war then was put into a reserve armyunit during the war. He had dealt with all sorts of criminals but had neverdrawn his gun. One day his brother came to talk to him and told him abouthorrible things the army was doing to other Germans. He didn’t believe him andone day his brother and mother left. He didn’t see him for a year.

    Then there was a school bombing. His police unit was sent toget people who were believed responsible for the bombing. They raided manyplaces and killed many criminals. They were told that they had lots moreexplosives and were planning to bomb more schools. One night they raided awarehouse and killed everyone inside. There were at least 50 people there andthere was a huge fire fight. Then they went home to sleep.

    A few days later he went to visit his best friend who wasalso his supervisor and saw some photos on the desk. He recognized it as thebuilding that he raided the night before. He also recognized some of the facesn the photos belonging to the mentally disabled kids his mother took care of.Then he saw his mother and brothers faces in the photos. All dead.

    He confronted his friend who told him that these were badpeople and they deserved to die. My grandfather pointed out that his mother andbrother weren’t criminals. His friend said nothing.

    The next day my grandfather decided to leave Germany but wascaught by other police and sent back to his unit. His best friend then shot himin the chest 3 times and had him thrown in the landfill. He woke up a few hourslater and stumbled into the forest where he was found by some other people tryingto escape and they treated him and got him on a boat to Sweden.

    He never imagined he would ever hurt anyone, yet he did. Sodon’t believe for a second that soldiers or police won’t kill you in a heartbeat.They do what they are told.

    Source: Captain’s Journal

    Be aware, fellow Americans, of the lies being spewed bythose in power.

    They have an agenda, and it likely does not involve yourbest interests.