Untucking in a hurry?

Discussion in 'XD Accessories & Gear' started by Balota, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Balota

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    Fairly new to concealed carry. Been carrying in a fanny pack. Just got an IWB holster (Old Fashioned Holsters) which is tuckable. I've tried tucking the shirt in. That act alone takes some practice. I've tried some dry fire draws and that's where my problem is arising.

    My normal attire is business casual: slacks, button down shirt tucked in, but normally no sport coat to cover. When I tuck in the shirt in a way that actually looks normal, I find it extremely difficult to actually pull the shirt out of the way at the start of a draw. Two or three yanks are needed to get the shirt out. What am I doing wrong? Tucking in too much? Is there some special way to fold the part that's tucked in? Are there any videos on line that cover this?
  2. threetango

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    Don't much like the tucked in shirt draw.

    Maybe with a Crossbreed "Supertuck" holster.


    Here's another video


  3. SHOOTER13

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    As with anything, practice makes perfect.

    Deep concealment will always slow the draw...

    That youngster in the first vid did it right...but then again he

    probably had practiced it a few hundred times...his weight and waist size

    also helped, ( did he have a belt on ? )...and the retention tightness also

    has alot to do with clearing the holster, and leaving it behind. I've seen

    alot of people trying to practice and pulling the holster almost out with

    each presentation.
  4. Balota

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    My holster is pretty similar to the Crossbreed style. Made by Old Fashioned Holsters. Got it at a gun show (I know, that's not a testimony to quality), but the gear seems very well put together with good quality components. My problem has not been with the holster itself, but with my tucking process. Seems like I tuck in the shirt too well and it wants to stay tucked in.

    Looks to me as though a well broken in holster and hundreds of dry fire practice draws are the order of the day. Thanks for the links, 3T.
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    Like most of us I have quite a few well recommended IWB holsters that did not work for me, but presently use two, a Cross Breed Super Tuck and a Galco King Tuk. With proper attire and practice these two allow me to conceal my EDC with comfort and to draw easily and quickly. I live in Florida, but dress to accommodate my EDC, Tommy Bahama shirt and Docker pant. :D Big Grin
  6. Balota

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    Just getting started on the holster collection. I have the two OWB paddle holsters that came with my XDms, my fanny pack (that has been hurting my back) and my new IWB. Gonna give the IWB a good long trial before going for others. (Probably what everyone else said shortly before starting to acquire dozens... :) )