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Vendor Rules

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1. Do not post in other Vendors threads offering the same or similar products or services.

2. Be respectful to other Vendors. Do not create or "bump" obviously excessive amounts of threads.

3. Do not make private message solicitations to users responding to other Vendor's threads.

4. You may contact users through private message who request information, or show interest in your products.

5. No posting advertisements to technical sections.

6. All Vendors are strongly encouraged to add their banner to their signature to work as an advertisement as they post.

7. Vendors are allowed to private message members to offer their services or products in a VERY direct response to a post that the user makes on the subject. This does not give permission to spam members, you may only send customized messages on a per poster basis, if your products/services are completely relevant and your reply is fully original. Sending the same message or slightly altered spam message to members is not allowed.

8. Vendors are not allowed to reply to threads/posts offering their services/products. You may reply if the post is about something you sold them direct or you directly manufacture.

9. All Vendor actions must be approved by Austin. No one else has the authority to approve any Vendor related item.

So that we are clear, this is not a responsive action. This is the rules set we use across our network.

These rules are subject to change and changes will be made here in this thread.

If you have any questions please private message me directly.
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