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We Need YOUR help to make us the [FONT=&quot]BEST HOLSTER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER![/FONT]

is hosting a survey to choose what you think is the best holster.

We happen to think it's us! Why?

[FONT=&quot]Here are a list of reasons why we think [/FONT]Alien Gear Holsters[FONT=&quot] are the Best![/FONT]

1) Made in the U.S.A

2) Our Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee:
· Forever Warranty
· Free Shell Swaps for LIFE
· 30-day Test Drive

3) Most Comfortable on the Planet, Any Planet.

4) Fully adjustable cant.

Thanks! We can't do this without you!

Conceal in Comfort. Alien Gear Holsters.


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