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Want That "Chicago Typewriter"

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Here might be your chance.
A paltry $45K will put one in your basement.
What say ye Kevin ?:D

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Got one Top...semi-auto...as fast as my trigger finger will work, it will spray lead !! { And...it's controllable !! }

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Thanks Rev...It's the Commando Model...bought it at a Philly Gun Show back in 2007 for $850 OTD

( OTD=Cost of Item / Tax / NICS )... along with the 50 round drum ( $200 OTD ). Total: $1,050 USD

{ Today's MSRP: $1,393.00...Tommy Gun. MSRP: $332.00...50 Round Drum }
It's a crowd pleaser at the range too...most people just want to have their picture taken holding it.

All are surprised at it's unloaded weight of 13 pounds...
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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