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With all of the vitriol being discussed by the anti-gun propionatessaying that no one needs or should have an AR-15 type weapon, the Senators andCongressmen really need to ask themselves some very important questions; whenthe everyday citizen is restricted from having a defensive weapon like the AR-15 which would be a vast advantage to that citizen if there were a large mobbent on looting or doing harm to that citizen because as we know from the past,criminals will not adhere any so called gun laws, and this proposed assaultweapons ban (AWB) will only ensure that the everyday citizen will be at adrastic disadvantage to the criminal and this also goes for the restriction ofnot having a magazine able to carry more than ten rounds.

As statistics have shown, even well trained police officers missthere intended target / criminal 60% of the time, just look at the instance inNYC last summer where four NYC police officers who were veterans of the police forcemissed their intended target 53 times and they were within a few feet of thecriminal. So what’s it to say that an homeowner put in a situation facing angroup of armed intruders in his home would be better than the trained policeofficer, “he won’t be” and that is precisely why, that home owner not onlyneeds, but must have an instrument to meet the criminals on an even ground. Toput this home owner and his family at this kind of disadvantage is unspeakable andmorally unjust.

The items I find that are completely ridiculous are thevarious cosmetic attachments “hand grip, forearm grip and collapsible but stock”,that if left off a rifle with the very same shooting capability would be deemedcorrect under the AWB, it makes no sense what so ever. Sure everyone isheartbroken for all the children who were shot in the school and everyone asks “whatcan we do”. One of the very first things to insist is that every school be removedfrom the gun free zone and trained safety offices and those teachers who aretrained and what to be able to defend themselves be allowed to do so. It’s notthe AR-15 rifle that causes the most murders and gun crime in our country, it’sthe handguns that far and above cause the most murders and gun crime in America.

It’s time to realize that adding new gun laws to our currentgun laws that already aren’t being upheld is preposterous, criminals don’tadhere to these laws and adding new ones will only burden and overwhelm ourcurrent method of checks and balances which is already unattainable and as VicePresident Joe Biden said” we don’t have time to check all of these now”.

The peaceful non aggressive American citizen who is a lawabiding citizen and adheres to every gun law and requirement, only want a meansto protect himself and his family.
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