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What If

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Four thugs kicked in your door and entered.
Would you have enough rounds in your weapon to defend yourself and family.
My quick access gun is a Sig MK25 P226 9mm handgun with a 20 round mag for starters.
What's your choice or plan ?


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Xdsc 40 mod 2. Holds 12 plus 1 with the extention. Or I could go for the shotgun. Stock Mossburg 500. Hold 4 plus 1. I know its not many rds but its what I have. Bird shot is in it right now. I saw a picture od what bird shot can do when hit with at close range. Pretty much hamburger meat.
My firearm is always less than an arms length away from me at any one time...intruders would have a hard time wrestling with the locked storm door...then the locked dead bolt steel inner door...giving the wife and I plenty notice to grab a firearm and a phone.

My choice of weapon is my EDC...A Glock30SF with 10+1 of .45ACP and my wife's EDC Kel Tec PF-9 7+1 9mm...by the bed upstairs is the Mossberg 590A1...9+1 00 Buck...then the safe speed dial...

Glock30Sf - pew pew x 4 Govener/.410/defensive rounds is.my back up
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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