What is a Prepper

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by threetango, Jan 11, 2013.

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    I'm a prepper, he's a prepper, she's a prepper. Wouldn't you like to be a prepper too?


  3. SHOOTER13

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    OH...I'm a prepper !!

    Been so for decades...

    since before Y2K was a big bust...

    since before the Marine barracks bombing...

    way before the 1st World Trade Center bombing...

    Back when my folks turned our basement into a bomb shelter in the 50's...
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    Prepper? Now that's a funny name.

    But..... People that don't necessarily think, or believe that the Government can, or will, act in your best interests, during times of National crisis, or emergency, well, they've always been there. Back in the 80's into the 90's they were called "Survivalists". Doing pretty much the same things, for the same reasons. And..... Before that, back in the 60's into the 70's??? They were just pretty much normal people. The Cold War was in your face everyday you woke up. You might be immolated in a nuclear fireball before lunchtime. People were more reality based, and preparing for the worst was just good common sense. Those of us that had families with enough means, built cabins, or vacation homes outside the city. And a good basement shelter was the norm. It was just taking personal responsibility for yourself, and your family, and nobody thought it was strange. I guess things have changed some, now your a weirdo if you don't want to die in the first wave?
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    My wife is a prepper. Every time we go out on a weekend, she's in the bathroom prepping for a couple hours. :)
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    Because I live on the east coast of Florida I have always been a true believer in the "What If" and it really bugs my wife. I have always made sure we have at least a two month supply of all necessary life support items in case of a disaster or SHTF. I also have a bug out location with mapped primary and secondary routes, and a drawn up and tested emergency plan.

    We have experienced many hurricanes and the secondary use our stockpile made life far better during and after each hurricane. I would never tell my wife and kids that the supplies were not for the aftermath of a hurricane but their planned primary use was in case the SHTF. Hopefully they are never needed for their planned primary use.

    The past government disaster assistance in my area has always been slow in coming after each and every major hurricane, FEMA was poorly managed, poorly equipped and delayed the aftermath cleanup because of their reams of required documentation. My town was prepared and elected to not request FEMA assistance.

    He who is prepared must also be prepared to protect his kingdom during and after the crisis because the vast majority of people have not prepared. Looting in my area starts as the hurricanes hits the area and continues unabated for days/ weeks afterwards.
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    Since we are talking about it, I thought I would throw out a addy to a forum I am a member of. Some of you may already have seen or joined it, but there is a lot of good info here.

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    Chuck I lived just south of Jacksonville in ST. Augustine, I called it being "ready for a hurricane" too lol Now that Im up north I have to call it "ready for a ice or snow storm" otherwise my wife thinks Im CRAZY. lol

    we know what were doing tho lol
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    I'm in the same sitituation as Jayson. Ive been trying to prep for about two years now. Living in the UP of Michigan most of that has been guns and ammo. I have a wonderful oppertunity for fresh meet and fish. I just started to can food this year all under the gise of if we had a big snow storm and couldn't get out for several days.

    Aim Small miss small!
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    I'm a prepper, but I don't consider myself a "survivalist".

    I see to my family and make sure we can survive any emergency that we come across.