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Just remember that banning ANY weapon is just the beginning. They will start with so called "assault" guns such as AR's and AK's...basically anything they saw in a movie. But if a perp can't get those anymore, they will choose a semi-auto BAR hunting rifle....or semi auto shotgun with sabot slugs....and then we will be looking at a ban of ALL semi-auto guns. After that, some perp will use a pump shotgun to great effect...and they will come after those too. Then one day a perp will use a single shot or double gun to great effect and they will come after those. Just because there was a crime or two committed with guns doesn't make us all criminals who aren't allowed to own guns!!!!! Why are we going to ALLOW THIS??? IT CAN'T BE ALLOWED. The whole gist of this is to take all guns away from the people so we can't defend ourselves...first rule in the communist playbook. THAT is the REAL AGENDA folks. Don't be fooled by the false propaganda of "saving our children". It's a scam..don't fall for it.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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