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I have used Gunzilla for some time, mostly because my wife hates the smell of Hoppes #9. I have been satisfied with the results. I am an old dog:), but am willing to learn new tricks.

I got a FrogLube kit and have been slathering it on some guns to try. I am following the instructions and cleaning off the old products with alcohol before heating and treating.

I took my P380 ( it was in my pocket anyway) and a Ruger Blawkhawk .45 Colt to the range yesterday to dirty them up a little and see if it makes a difference in cleaning
My first impression is that carbon type fouling wipes off with a rag, and a boresnake through the barrel will clean that out very well. I was shooting smoky old 255 grain lead SWC in the .45 so I ran a boresnake through the barrel and all cylinders,while it was still hot after shooting, and there was almost nothing to take out later with a patch and jag.

I think we have a winner!! My hands are loving this stuff too. They are getting nice and soft and of course the house is "minty Fresh".
1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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