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Which Gun Lubes / Oils do you use...

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Curious as to which type of gun lubes and oils the membership uses to maintain their firearms both when in use and when stored away in their safes...


I myself use Frog Lube and Breakfree CLP to keep my firearms operating and for short term storage in my safe(s).


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^^^ I put it on pancakes...;)
I use Gunzilla on my ice cream:D
^^^ Yes...you are !! ^^^ :D

I've been waiting 19 posts for this age old argument to pop up...
Shooter, I'm an old guy that feels he got old by listening to others mistakes. I am willing to hear the pros and cons on WD40 as an Alaskan we have 3 things for almost anything. "If it is suppose to move and doesn't WD40, if it moves and ISN'T suppose to DUCT TAPE, if its out side and you want it inside BLUE TARP!
I'm not getting any younger myself Art...and you do know that the WD40 argument is as old

as both of US put together. Having said that...I am of the mind that if something WORKS for you,

you use it !! I used WD40 for years on my firearms with no ill effects because I used it as a cheap gun scrubber

to blow out range crud until I could get home and field strip, clean, and lube my firearms properly. I then would use

Hoppe's #9, Rem Oil, and a multitude of other products over the years to finish the chore. And I am a firm believer in

using WD40 for what it is intended...as a Water Displacer (WD), a rust penetrator, and a rust preventative.

Just My 2 Cents... ;)
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Rem oil, Gunzilla, CLP, Hoppes, lots of great products out there. I just always make sure my guns are cleaned and properly lubed. Sometimes a little gun frease on areas where wear happens such as slides and outside of barrel. When guns are stored for a long time I make sure they have too much lube on them. When those guns go to the range with me I clean the extra lube off. In the past I have made the mistake of using too much lube on guns, that has always resulted in the lube getting splattered on me. Lesson learned. I own a number of revolvers and semi autos and really try to make sure they are properly cared for, it seems like the better job I do of taking care of them the better they shoot and longer they last. I have a couple of guns that are more than 35 years old and they are still functioning great.
i use some really stinky stuff .. bore cleaner stuff ... i just ordered some frog stuff
"Stinky Stuff"??? We talking about "Bore Cleaner" here TinMan?;)
Mobil 1 synthetic 5W-20 and CLP want to get some Frog Lube for the AR.
I have used Gunzilla for some time, mostly because my wife hates the smell of Hoppes #9. I have been satisfied with the results. I am an old dog:), but am willing to learn new tricks.

I got a FrogLube kit and have been slathering it on some guns to try. I am following the instructions and cleaning off the old products with alcohol before heating and treating.

I took my P380 ( it was in my pocket anyway) and a Ruger Blawkhawk .45 Colt to the range yesterday to dirty them up a little and see if it makes a difference in cleaning
My first impression is that carbon type fouling wipes off with a rag, and a boresnake through the barrel will clean that out very well. I was shooting smoky old 255 grain lead SWC in the .45 so I ran a boresnake through the barrel and all cylinders,while it was still hot after shooting, and there was almost nothing to take out later with a patch and jag.

I think we have a winner!! My hands are loving this stuff too. They are getting nice and soft and of course the house is "minty Fresh".
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Ordered an 8 oz bottle of the Froglube about a week ago after seeing all the good reports on it.


I keep Rem oil in the range bag. Tried the Rem dry lube and hate it !! Used hopps, outters and a few others but HIGH Temp wheel bearing grease has been working really well for me . Until I get some frog lube Im gonna stick with the grease
My issue with froglube is that out in the field a week into the muck and mud shooting and scrambling through the brush. i need to take this thing apart and scrub it. I don't have any frog stuff with me and my partners only use Hoppes, and Rem oil. what do I do? The picture is an accurate account of the terrain, you can google map for Seward Alaska and look about 15 miles north along the highway.
You could put it in a smaller container if the size of the bottle is a problem, as a little FL goes a long way.
Not real sure what you mean.

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While I still use the ones I listed in my above post, I have started messing around with Italian Gun Grease [I.G.G.] It seams to work as good as any of the other lubes I use, so I will keep messing with it and see what the extended results will be.
They do have a free sample link at their site, just incase anyone wants to try something new.


Hey JB, I searched the site, had a problem with the video and e-mailed IGG about that and what I was expecting in comparisons etc. they are very quick in responding and answered my questions with detail and depth so I would better see their side.
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