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**WITHDRAWN** xdm .40

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Hi there, I just joined XDForum and I was thinking about putting up my XDM .40 for sale. Its the 4.5" model and I filled out the rebate to recieve the extra 2 clips and clip holder. I have 4 clips total, 2 2-Clip holsters, the speed loader and all the accessories that come in the case with a new XDM purchase. I paid $699 plus tax from Cabelas which seems about normal and I have only fired roughly 100 rounds out of it. I would not go any lower than $450 for it since used ones still sell for over $500 at Gander Mountain or Cabelas. I am looking for some feedback as to whether I should try selling it privately or back to the store?

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I taking it that since this thread is posted in XDs for sale, you are trying to sell this.

Please post pics, and an alternate email (other then PM) for members to contact you. Also shipping price, if it is not included in your price.

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the XD Firearms Forum asohns1 !!

BTW...they are not clips, they are called magazines !! ;)

Also, it is customary when joining this forum to start by introducing yourself to

the membership via the Introductions subforum...I will close this thread until you have had

the opportunity to do so...as people here like to know who they are dealing with !!

Thank you !!

PM sent...
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If I was selling it, I would sell privately. I would likely get my asking price. As for selling back to the store, keep in mind they will buy it back at a low price, so they can profit from it when the re sell it.

Just my 2 cents worth.
Sell Privately..you can use many of the gun forums and their classifieds. Some have rules as to having so many posts under your belt, but many do not. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, sell it back to a gun shop! You will lose money!
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