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Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by arcee72, Nov 15, 2014.

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    Last May, I purchased an XD-45 brand new. I noticed that it had a tendency to shoot low and a little to the left. I thought it was because the gun was not broken in. Since I bought it, however, I have put more than 1150 rounds through it - all 230 gr, FMJ, except for a single box of Speer Lawman 185 gr. TMJ. I have shot nine different types and brands of factory ammo through the gun, and all of it shoots low. I had a certified NRA instructor shoot it, and he said it was shooting a little low. Today, I went to the range, and had one of the RSOs (a good shooter) try it. He was amazed that it shot so low. It shot consistently 2" to 4" low at 7 yards.

    It has the original sights, which are not adjustable. My question is, what might be causing this gun to consistently shoot low, and what (if anything) can I do about it?


    P.S. - I know it's not me, because I have another .45 that I shoot side-by-side with the XD, and I do not have the same problem.
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    I also have the same problem, mine shot almost 6 inches low. I purchased dawson adjustable sights which fixed it. I have recently cerakoted that gun and will be looking for fixed night sights that will correct the problem. The dawson sights don't work well for concealment as they snag easily on clothing.

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    pics or it didn't happen... ;)
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    Some XD's you will notice they will shoot low especially the XDM 5.25 if you get on Springfield site and read the user manuals it states that they are sighted in to be 6 o'clock low at 25 yards