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XD Meet ?

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I was just curious as to how many of you are in the Austin, TX (or willing to drive to it) area to see if we could plan some sort of a range day here in the area or somewhere around here. I just think it would be cool to get a bunch of XD shooters out here mingling... Any thoughts??? I know several ranges in the area that I'm sure we could work out some sort of group deal etc.
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Thanks Shooter! And alrighty guess not to many in the Texas area (or not to many want to meet) lol
Noj, Welcome to the sight,:D I'm in Alaska so I'm not in your area,:( but I'd give it some time as today and tomorrow is football conference series. :):) Wait a couple of days and check back for more input!;)
im in texas!!! but add 1 year old - schedule man !!
Cool let's schedule a weekend! Let's see who else is interested over the next week or so and then we can figure out a time sometime in the next 3 months or so.... I know Austin lives here as well so there's three of us! :D
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