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XD Service .40 cal, New to me

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Was wandering a gunshow last weekend looking for cheap aisle deals. Came across a guy trying to trade in this gun to a high volume dealer. He wanted a compact of some sort and 3 bills on his trade in. Dealer would only give him 2 bills off on the swap. Told him to go sell his gun and bring the $ instead. Preferred the 3 bills cash rather than take the Service model. It had some mileage, a cheap tacticool flashlight hanging off it and an extra mag.

Previous owner was in a hurry to get going, so opportunity was knocking. I stepped up with 3 bills cash to take the gun. Guy got his new compact and the dealer got his $. I could live with it. The fugly light had to come off as soon as I got it. Gun just had some mileage, but worked well.

Fired off a few rounds this week at a standard Pancho "El Cheapo" pizza box target at 7 yards, a reasonable combat range IMO. Ammo was some CCI Blazer 180 FMJs that I had handy. Gun worked fine. Didn't clean it or anything. When ya load them, they are suppose to work and I expected that from this one. It printed right at POA for me. A little lower than I like, but I can hold a little higher and live with it.:D

Good gun. I can live with it. Never owned one before. Guy that sold it to me said it was a Tacticool model, but the actual barrel length shows a Service model. for the $, IT WORKS FOR ME!!!!!!
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