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One of the more 'high-speed' of all XD platforms is the oft-forgotten Tactical series. These rugged and reliable long slide pistols feature a 5-inch barrel that gives the firearm the feel of a normal XD on steroids.

Why 5-inches?

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One of the best pistol platforms of all time, with just over 101-years of solid use, is the Colt 1911. One of the reasons that the 1911 is so popular is its inherent accuracy. A principal design element that makes this legend so accurate is the long sight radius supplied by its 8.5-inch overall length which accommodates a 5-inch long barrel. Springfield Armory, who incidentally sells a large and varied series of 1911s, has hit on this magical 5-inch barrel philosophy and designed an XD around the concept. To celebrate the fact that it is inherently more accurate in a 'hostile behind cover' type of engagement, it is called simply the Tactical

Design and basic specs

Starting with the tried and true HS-2000/XD platform, the Tactical uses a 5-inch steel, Melonite barrel with a fully supported feed ramp inside a forged stainless steel slide. This gives the platform an overall length of 8.3-inches which compares nicely to the mil-spec 1911's 8.5-inches and provides a slightly longer sight radius than the Glock 34 (8.15-inch overall) competition gun. Sights include a dovetail front and rear 3-dot configuration made of steel and not plastic. The trigger pull is 5.5 - 7.7 lbs with a dual spring full recoil system and a full-length guide rod. Magazines are nice and large with the .45ACP version carrying an impressive 13-round flush fit, the .40S&W/357SIG carrying 12, and the 9x19mm NATO carrying 16.

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Speaking of the magazine capacity Springfield media states "This time our engineers have outdone themselves, defying the laws of physics, adding material where needed, shaving it away where it's not . . . cramming 14 rounds of 45ACP punch into a polymer frame that is not perceptibly larger than the one we use for our 9mm and 40 cal. XDs."

Weight with an empty magazine is 32-ounces (30-ounce on 9mm versions).


Springfield imports more than 13 different versions of the 5-inch Tactical XD pistol into the country from HS Precision in Croatia. These include versions in .45ACP, 9x19mm, .357 SIG, .40 S&W calibers. The frame options include bi-tone (stainless upper and black polymer lower) OD Green (we will not call it Flat Dark Earth!) and of course the always-in fashion flat black. One model, the XD9664, a .45ACP black on black with black accents, has a thumb safety for the discerning sheepdog.

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(The XD Tactical, like most models come complete with a number of basic accessories that, while not ideal for CCW or LE use, are nonetheless nice to have for the range)

Get your own

Looking around on Gunbroker and others it seems that the 5-inch XD Tactical series tends to run in the mid-$500 range new and about a 15% less in used condition. Some wholesalers such as Buds run them out the door for right at five new in multiple models. Compared to the price of an extended barrel Glock 34/35, even with Blue Label pricing, the XD Tactical is really really close and has a better sight radius, grip safety and other neat features that the Austrian lacks. Moreover, the extended barrel Glock 34/35 is geared more for competition rather than tactical use.

Watch this space for more information, you can rest assured Springfield and HS are working on more XD enhancements as this is being written.
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