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The Prepper movement has been quietly evolving in the background over the past decade or so. These hearty individuals spend their spare time, sweat, and coin to better make themselves ready for, well, just about anything. And one of the favorite handguns of the prepper movement is the Springfield XD.

Why a prepper handgun?

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(This is a good family larder to keep your household going for 30 days+ after a disaster, but do you have what it takes to keep others who are less prepared from coming to help themselves. Remember, anarchy is just 9 meals away once the store shelves are empty. )

Disaster preppers look at the world as one big contingency. If this happens then this follows, etc., etc., etc. They think about how much food their family will need to survive if the lights go off due to a winter storm for a week. How much aqua it will take to run their household should a hurricane destroy their cities waste treatment plant. For things such as urban chaos, riots, civil unrest on a wide scale, lawlessness, and the breakdown of society, they think of protection needs.

Shotguns and rifles are good for hunting, protecting the homestead, and chasing goblins down the driveway, but for certain applications a defense handgun is what is the best tool. These include the unsavory prospect of home defense in the confines of your dwelling, or concealed carry while traveling from one locale to another. Qualities that a shoulder-stocked rifle or shotgun fail miserably at.

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What qualities to look for

In a prepper handgun choice, you want several things. First, it needs to be chambered in a modern caliber that is readily availble while still being effective. Just about every XD comes in 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP. Even in today's ammo crisis, it is easier to find these rounds than it is to pick up the more exotic 10mm Auto, .357 SIG, and .50AE. For the economical minded, 9mm is one of the better options to get more bang for the buck (pun intended).

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(An XD is the perfect companion for the common sense prepper)

You want a durable pistol that can take punishment and have a lifespan of years if not decades before experiencing any sort of failure. Even though XDs are made overseas (in Croatia) and have only been around for give or take 15-years, they have established a solid reputation for reliability. Several police departments and military forces around the world carry the XD and its older brother the HS-2000 everyday.


Affordability is a factor, as every dollar you save on your prepper firearms is another that can be used to by beans, stable fuel, or improve your home. With this is mind, XDs are some of the best values on the modern combat handgun market. They come in at less expensive than SIG, HK, Beretta, and most S&W models and are about comparable in price to Rugers and Glocks. With a $1000 budget for your prepper handgun, you can get a nice XD with a few extra magazines, a good cleaning kit, a few extra springs and minor spare parts to keep everything in good shape, and a case of ammo.

Choosing yours can be as simple as doing your homework.

Moreover, remember, it's always best to get one well before the fit hits the shan, so to speak.

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