XD45 trouble feeding

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by DACP-KS, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. DACP-KS

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    I have the older model XD 45 probably 2007. It's been a great gun till recently. Lately at the range its had issues feeding.

    I shoot one round with more in the mag and the second round will not properly feed in the chamber.

    Looking at the gun after the first round I notice the round indicator "pin" not sure of the name, does not stick out as it should if it were loaded and ready. I notice while looking at the gun from above and at the closed chamber, the rear of the barrel is not seated in the chamber but appears to be lifted or slightly higher, then

    If I slightly pull the slide rear ward and release that round will be seated and indicator pin protrudes at the rear and it shoots.

    I have thoroughly cleaned my gun in hopes the problem would be fixed but it hasn't.

    Any ideas?
  2. DACP-KS

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    better clarification on the post.

    The striker pin protrudes when a round is loaded in the chamber. After shooting that 1st round in the chamber the next round is not properly load into the chamber and the barrel breach is not seated correctly in the slide.

  3. threetango

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    Easiest thing to do would be to send it back to Springfield as you should have a lifetime warranty on it.
    Just call them at 800-680-6866 to ask for a RMA number.
  4. GunJock

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    Ok, so it sounds like the rounds are not chambering after the first shot. I've experienced this before, and I have a couple of suggestions. Try the following before you decide to sent it back to SA:

    1. Recoil Spring - Change out the recoil spring for a new one (that is if you have not done this in the last 1500-2000 rounds)
    2. Try a New or different magazine... I've had issues with the feed lips getting bent, and thus not allowing the subsequent rounds to easily slide out of the magazine, up the feed ramp, and into the chamber.
  5. Yooper

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    Before you send it back, check one thing. I have noticed if I don't keep a stiff wrist mine will sometimes not cycle properly. Especially my XDs as it is so light with a good amount of recoil that if I don't keep a tight grip the action does not go all the way back far enough to lock up totally.