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I was able to pick up an XDm with just 50 rounds thru it for a great price. I didn't need another full size, but couldn't pass it up. I planned on flipping it to make a couple bucks. Not any more, I like it too much ...

I've got an XD Mod2 9mm that I love to shoot and carry, as well as a XDs 45 that is "tolerable".

The XDm is fantastic to shoot, I replaced the guide rod with a stainless steel rod about 3x as heavy as the original. Trigger is smoother and a lighter pull than my XD9. It's an unbelievable shooter that is very accurate. 20 yard 3 inch groups are the norm.

Ordered a OWB holster for it and I plan to carry it in fall and winter. It's not small, but it's certainly one of my new favorites.
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