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(9 + 1) 45 ACP rounds with the 9 round XDM magazine
With the grip extension you can use a 13 round XDM magazine.

Pearce Grip Extension on the 9 round magazine

I was not big on compact pistols in the past having large hands never found one that I felt comfortable with.

Took a chance and got a .45 Compact 3.8 and glad I did.

Put a Pearce Grip Extension on the 9 round magazine and this thing fits my hands like a glove.
TRUGLO TFO Sight's make it easy shooting indoors or outdoors and great Night Sights when the lights go down.

As with the rest of my XDM's this little guy loves my reloads.
Only have #254 Rounds fired
(0) stoppages
(0) malfunctions
(0) parts breakages

All shooting done slow fire hand held.
25 Yards 10 Rounds Reduced A Zone Target

25 Yards 11 Rounds 10 in the Black 1 Flyer still in on a IDPA target

8 Rounds 20 yards
black and red center are the same size as a 3x5 card.

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Looks good, got one like it.
They are nice.

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i here ya that little guy is sweeeet looking i shoot few different ones but my fave is my .45 kimber pearl handle nickle plate it is the bomb of a pistol:) seeing your taget reminds me that would be cool item to put in our survival box our subscribers would like that check it out and give me some other ideas and feedback bro www.joinbugoutbox
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