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XDM 5.25 vs G 35

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Looking to add a new gun to the collection. I like the 40 sw. I currently carry an EMP 40, a gen 2 G-22. I really like the bi tone xdm 5.25, but the G 35 also has a strong following. Both will get trijicon HD sights add to which everone is chosen. Gun will be my night stand truck and ranch gun. It most likely be carried cross draw or thigh rig for getting in and out of ranch jeep. Also thinking of a CT laser grip. Any one got advice.
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Yep, handle them both, shoot them if you can, then you decide. As this is an XD forum, I would lean towards the........!!
I own both
Both are good guns
I like the XDm 5.25 better
Personal decision- shoot both if you can
At least handle them before deciding

Ended up with an XDM 5.25 bi tone love it. Am going to stick with the fiber optic sights. Matter of fact I got a 3.8 bi tone compact to go with it. Love them both but the compact is getting trijicon hd red sights like my EMP. 40's ROCK !!
my question would be what are you shooting from the truck or farm your driving on? deciding on what power you need? I guess you made your decision , least ways its an xd, welcome to the right side and this site
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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