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I have done a general search on this website and cannot seem to find any references to a 45 Super, so I'll start a thread here (or someone can direct me to the correct forum).

I would like to possibly use my XDM 45 this year to deer hunt in Ohio. I have been looking for information on upgrading the XDM to 45 Super, but it's very hard to find, other than YouTube videos and personal websites. Of course, there would be no use in calling Springfield, and local gunsmiths don't seem to know much about the 45 Super.

Option 1: Just buy Buffalo Bore 45 ACP + P Hunting loads, (255 gr hard cast, 925 FPS). Shoot the gun as is (only 10-20 rounds).

Option 2: Experiment with springs, etc and reload 45 Super. Iffy, no "professional" information.

Option 3: Buy a 460 Rowland conversion unit, so I could shoot 45, 45 Super, or 460. Could switch the gun back and forth. Most expensive, but safest?

Thoughts? Thanks.

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Wish I could help, I have never heard of a 45 Super.
Had to look it up on the net.:confused:
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