XDS 45 Ready for carry

Discussion in 'XD Photos' started by sstock38, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. sstock38

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    My XDS 45 is now ready to be placed into my personal carry rotation. I received it back from Springfield this past fall and after 750 rounds of flawless performance I decided it was now time to get a few upgrades to make it ready for duty so to speak. I really like this .45 and glad I made the investment!

    I have installed Talon Grips (www.talongrips.com), TruGlo TFO sights installed by James @ www.xdman.com and added a Hidden Hybrid Holster (www.HiddenHybridHolsters.com) to complete the new carry option.

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  2. mattnorth

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    Very nice! I had 350 rounds before the recall! I got it back a couple day ago and shot 150 rounds today! Still runs with no malfunctions and I'm really happy with this gun! Carry it everyday!

  3. GunnerJacky

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    XD 45 is a nice gun. It is good that you have installed Talon Grips on it. It is comfortable to shoot if you have good grip on your gun. I also prefer it for my XD.