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XDs 9mm First day at Range!

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We put 500 rounds through my wife's brand new XDs 9mm today and that gun is a CHAMP! It was a dreary rainy day here in Southern California today but our experience with her new gun was awesome! Great accuracy with Federal American Eagle and not a single glitch. Could not be happier!
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Welcome Pitmasher.
Just saw your post.
Welcome to the forum Pitmasher. Hope you check in often and enjoy you visits.
Welcome Pit. Mrs. Pit too! Glad to have you...
Cleaned it last night...first time taking it apart and givin it a good once over...dirtied up 6-7 qtips and the reassembly was quick as well...enjoying this gun VERY much...
Welcome Pit from WV, it's always good to have new members!
Hope all is well in WV! Whats your favorite non SA gun? Love my 870!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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