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The issue is, it won't.
So, I took my XDS apart to clean and lube it, no problems.
Putting it back together, trigger back, takedown lever up, it gets to the point where the rear of the slide is about 3/16" from the end of the guide rails.
And refused to go any further.
I took it back off,tried again, and again a few more times, nothing.
So I tried putting just the slide back on, no barrel or rod.
No change.
So, getting nowhere at that end I took a look at the front, muzzle end, and saw that the cheap, but Oh so cool looking, laser I had installed actually squeezed the frame together to the point that the slide no longer fit.
No laser, no more problem.
So, if there's anyone else around as stupid as I am, keep in mind that these polymer frames don't work the way steel does.
To attach a laser to the rail tight enough for it to hold zero, it's likely it will deform the frame.
Just like mine did.
Just wanted to warn anyone else of this issue so they can avoid it.
And so you can all point and laugh at me.

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Welcome to the forum Gone South.
Not going to laugh but will use the time worn adage. "You get what you pay for".
Crimson trace lasers on my pistols have proved themselves over time. dot on, target marked.:tiphat:
Thanks for the explanation.

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